A Word of Encouragement to the House Of Prayer priesthood


Dear Friends,
I have  wanted to write for some time now and encourage each of you for the faithful service that you have rendered to the Lord in this House of Prayer endeavor. I was strongly impressed last year with a picture of the first years of the War Room while myself serving there in its third year. There had been talk at different times of how difficult the first year or two had been. Of burn-out of different ones of you with the long hours of continual sustained contending and prayer.
The picture I saw was of a vast field with a handful of strong, robust workers plowing and digging and sifting and leveling the soil of that field. It was long, hard, arduous work. The sun was beating down on all of you and at times it felt as if there would never be relief from the continual labor of that work. But then the preparation of that land was finished and there you all were laying a vast foundation. This too was hard work, mixing cement and smoothing it out to perfection. By the end of this many of you felt you were done and just couldn't go on any longer.
It was interesting to me last year in  the War Room's third year that we saw a nearly complete turnover in it's staffing from the first two years. I asked the Lord about this. What He told me was that you who had begun this work had fought the fight well ; that you had poured your life's blood into the Founding (foundation) of His House here in Kelowna. These first two years were hard, extremely hard but they had been good and extremely fruitful. Once the foundation crew had finished their job then the Lord brought in His builders. Those of us who remain or who have recently joined are those called to Build the House of the Lord. This too is hard work, very hard work, and we must not be slack or grow weary in our well doing of this work. We need eyes to see what it is that we are building towards and that this House is not yet complete. I feel an urgency and an encouragement to keep pressing forward in each place that we are called to stand. I believe the next "wave" of this building project will be the  man-power (women and children too!) to staff this House. The Priesthood called forth in our midst to run the 24-hour House of Prayer, of which some if not all of us are a part. I believe that we are going to soon see an ever-increasing influx of peoples laying their lives down for this Establishment.
I wanted to write all of this to each of you by way of encouragement and to say, "Well done, good and faithful servants of the Lord!" You have each served in your capacity at its proper time and the fruit of your labor has not gone unnoticed.
This last Sunday, Linda Enns spoke a word over Scott and myself that I want to speak over each and every one of you. It so encouraged my heart and I knew it was for the entire company of this House, past and present.
She said that the Lord had shown her the sacrifice of Mary Magdalene. It was said of her sacrifice that the costly spices she poured upon Him in her worship were worth a years wages. A years wage. That's a lot of money. What the Lord showed Linda was that our sacrificial service within the War Room was and is like that costly perfumed oil and He has received it as if we had actually given over a years wage for each year or portion thereof served. We who serve in the War Room have all left our earning potentials in the world to be here as "door keepers" in the House of the Lord. Many left good paying jobs, careers, the promise of career, families, friends, long-standing community life in other locations, homes, properties, precious possessions, and some of us even our country and land of our birth to become strangers and foreigners, aliens in this land. Many of us are here without any visible means of support, and yet God continues to sustain us all. All of this sacrifice God has received like this precious oil.
And God says to me now, "Strengthen what remains because our work is not complete in his sight. Do not grow weary in well-doing, because there still remains a reward for those who do not faint. Remember, there is a promise that all who do these things will receive in this life and the next 100 times all they have left for His sake. God is not slow as some count slowness to fulfill all that He has promised." (Rev. 3:2, Gal. 6:9, Mark 10:29-30, 2 Peter 3:9)
So... Be encouraged. What we have sown in this work will come forth in a great harvest. Let's continue to join hands to see God's House of Prayer fully established wherever you are now in the Earth.
With admiration and love,
Dionne Husted