A Word of Establishment

I received this word on 5/27/03 just before the City prayer session began in the War Room.

Oh God, make Your body salt and light. Call her, call her to be salty. Call her to be the light that You desire and the world cries out for.

Do not say: "We must clean up this city" when you do not intend to do something about it. Do not pray and intercede that the darkness be turned back on your main streets unless you intend to set up the light once the darkness is rolled away.

You network to pray down a New Age house downtown when you do not intend to establish My house in its place. Don't you know that faith without works is dead? You can pray and take dominion over darkness, but if that dominion is not for the purpose of establishing the light in the earth, My Kingdom establishment, then your dominion is in vain.

Don't you know that if one evil spirit is driven out, if the Spirit of God is not established in its place, that one and seven more will come back and take up residence? Your cities are like this. You can spend all your efforts weeding your land, but if you do not plant a garden of my Spirit establishments you are only wearying yourself and wasting your time and efforts.

The world is planting houses of New Age spiritism on main street because their hearts hunger and thirst for Spirit and Truth to be founded on main street.

Pray. Take dominion. But then use that dominion to establish the light. Replace New Age bookstores with Kingdom bookstores. Replace houses of fortune tellers with houses of healing. Replace houses of idols on main street with My House, the House of Prayer in their place.

Proverbs 2:20-22

The traditional denominations are like the kings of old who established the works of God but did not pull down the high places of idolatry. They had a little blessing, but without power. These kings were overcome.

Intercession alone is like the kings who pulled down the high places but did not establish the works of God in the nation. They reaped some benefits but could not grasp a lasting peace. These kings were also overcome.

You must be like the very few who actively pull down the high places of darkness and also intentionally establish My House and My Kingdom establishments. Only then will you open the power of My blessings with a lasting peace. This is the foundation of My Kingdom, and will usher in My Spirit Reign!

- Scott Husted, Through The Veil