Dionne Husted

Won over by a Beauty unseen, unknown
Drawn by ever increasing hunger and desire
To know more, to see more,
to experience more and more
By this Beauty, this Love

I find myself exploding, radiating
Creation filling up my wake
This insistent,
incessant Beauty drawing me on
In His quest for more
For all

He loves me
Therefore I love and must fulfill His desire
To reach, to share, to give unceasingly
To express and show a world void
Yet formed for this very One

I answer the call
To go
For how can they know if no one will
Go and show the way
Here I am

Oh Beautiful One
Let us run about the town square
Unlocking doors and cages
Releasing all to be known
By You

I am just one
But You are The One
And together
We can do

Copyrighted 2002 by Dionne Husted

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