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Entry for December 25, 2008

To get updated on the technical bits...

Dionne is about to start her final quarter at Oregon State University. She's studying Liberal Arts with a minor in anthropology -- Asian studies emphasis. She'll graduate in June , but we won't be back in the U.S. early enough for her to participate in her graduation ceremony. She wants to come back to Korea and teach at BHCS next year with her brand-new, super-charged credentials!

Jonah has been accepted into Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, where he'll do his BA degree in professional photography. This is an exciting venture for him -- he'll be starting in July. Does anybody know where he can get a used car come June?

Scott has been continuing to develop the high school program here at BHCS. The school moved to a larger campus south of us this year; there's more time in the commute, but now enough room to grow. Last year two of our students were selected out of the top 10% of Christian school students worldwide to receive the Association of Christian Schools International "Distinguished Christian Student Award" -- we're building a quality program here, with a vision to establish campuses in China, and eventually in North Korea.

God has blessed us here in Korea with good, deeply meaningful work, friends and students who love us, and everything we need to live, love each other, and share the love of God with others.

Jonah has been designing a line of skateboards and stuff using his photo work at Go to to see it. Scott has released his long-awaited book on the House of Prayer, "The Re-establishment", along with a series of photography books. You can go check them out on, and search "scottndionne".

We feel blessed to be here, and honored to carry the good news of Christ into the lives of Korean kids and families -- many of them Buddhist. We see more lives and hearts changed for Christ now than in 18 years of Christian service in North America. It's a beautiful sight to see children and young people changed by the power of Christ.

We love all of you who have loved, helped, and been there for us through these years -- and the best is yet to come! (Joel 2: 23-32!)

Love , Scott, Dionne and Jonah Husted

2008-12-25 11:16:44 GMT
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