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Flags and Banners

The Bible has many references to "banners", "standards" or "ensigns". All three of these words mean the same thing. When Moses and the Israelites were victorious over the Amalekites in Exodus 17 Moses calls God by a new name, Jehovah Nissi, which means "the Lord my banner". Song of Solomon 2:4 tells me that "His banner over me is love".

Flags and banners are used in worship to exalt Jesus and the kingdom of God before men and before the powers of darkness. During worship or ministry time flags proclaim the dominion of God's kingdom and mark our spiritual territory. They are a declaration of our salvation, redemption, healing and the authority we have obtained in the heavens and on earth through the work of Christ. They may also serve to invite and usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit. In flag worship, the flag bearer is truly "raising the standard" of spiritual dominion and unity.

Flags are found in scripture:


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