Hope in Hope by J. Scott Husted


I cannot plumb the depths
Of my heart,
Of another man's mind

Only You can know the mysteries
Of the light,
Of the darkness,
Of the creation of the universe,
Of the end of all things.

Only You can know
The tortured labyrinth
Of the human heart
Of the pain that twists us.

The craven cannibal of the mind
Or of fetid flesh
Is to You but
A lost soul
Writhing in it's cell
Of horror
Wrought by despicable design
And held by hateful hands.

You can free us
Opening our grasping graves
And loosing luxuriant shackles of
Corpulent damnation

God of resounding redemption,
You are
You are luminosity in light itself.
You are hope in hope.
You are the very freedom
Within freedom
The very joy,
The very wealth
Of laughing life to one dead,
Of sudden liberty
To a soul in utter bondage


You can reach the depths,
Throwing off shackles of shame and loathing,
Making irrelevant the walls of pain
In searing light of Your love.

Reach us,
Free us,
Show us the light of dignity and love
Oh immaculate Freedom.

Even as we suckle our
Pain and desire,
Even as we hesitate in mute indecision,
Overwhelm us in voluptuous presence,
Ravish us by the light of Your infinite beauty.

Enfold us,
Save us,
Carry us away.


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