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Our God is a Prayer-Answering God

God hears and answers every day! There are many, many answers to specific prayer that have come in our lives. Here are just some most recent answers:

War Room Breakthroughs

Fall 2004 Sessions- 

  1. We have been praying for Sudan in many sessions this fall, especially for the Christians under persecution in Southern Sudan. In the Hope For the Nations session on October 14 we had a special guest, Manase Lomolo, an official with the interim government of Southern Sudan. In that meeting Mr. Lomolo reported that there was a peace accord coming to the table between Northern and Southern Sudan. He went on to report that the accord was shaky at best, and wouldn't in any case be considered until after the month of October, after officials in Northern Sudan had completed the Muslim season of Ramadan. He described this peace accord as the region's best chance to end the long civil war in Sudan, and asked us to pray that it would go through. The War Room team prayed for this in that meeting. On October 27 the BBC announced the ratification and signing of the peace accord ahead of schedule, just two weeks after the War Room team prayed with Mr. Lomolo.
  2. We have been praying for the establishment and increase of Kingdom Business on Tuesday nights in a session given to that topic this fall. One of those businesses we have prayed for on a regular basis in that session is Apollo Capital Group, a Canadian consortium of Christian Business people and investors, who carry an objective of putting some of their profits to work benefiting Kingdom ministries. On October 28 one of the members of that session reported that Apollo Capital Group has signed a large contract with a major American corporation, a contract substantial enough to make a huge difference for participating Kingdom ministries.


  1. On a Tuesday in our Israel session we prayed for The American and Israeli leaders, that they would not give away the land that Israel has won in the West Bank. On Wednesday the next day these leaders announced a dramatic turnaround in their policies regarding the West Bank, that Israel has a right to keep the land. 

  2. In praying for Israel we were praying through the need to show love to the Jewish community here at home. We then met a leader within the Jewish community group of Kelowna, and invited her to speak at our Israel session. At this and subsequent sessions, we received her message about reaching out in love to the Jewish people, were able to minister to her, established relationship and have begun working with her. 

  3. We have begun to support the Jewish community here in relational ways. 

  4. We were praying for opportunities for peace between Palestinian Arabs and Jews in Israel. Through the connection with the Jewish community we met a representative from Ha’ Emek Hospital outside the city of Jenin, a terrorist hotspot. We sponsored a city-wide gathering where this representative shared a presentation on the work of this hospital where Christian, Muslim and Jew work together to heal the horrific wounds of terrorism.

The House of Prayer- 

  1. We were praying for the continuing work of founding for the House of Prayer. During this Jeff and Kathi Pelton have been released with more authority to match their vision and heart for the furthering of the ministry of the House of Prayer. 
  2. We were praying for the work of the House of Prayer to be furthered into new towns and cities. God showed us that the HOP has a need to be reproductive in order to stay healthy. Doors have since opened for the War Room to help with HOP plants in Hope, and possibly in Lillooet B.C. 
  3. We were praying that the Body of Christ would receive vision for, and practical training for the founding of the House of Prayer. God has recently opened doors for the formation of a HOP training school and equipping teams.

Bridal Awakening- 

  1. We were praying into the need for a greater revelation of the heart of the Father within the church. During this time Ian and Janice Ross have founded a Father’s Heart ministry within our body. 
  2. We were praying through, and contending for the value of soaking in the presence of God within our community and in the Body of Christ. Since this time Steve and Joanne Urwin have begun soaking sessions for the Body in their home. 
  3. We were praying for Lillooet and the Native peoples of Canada. God sent a native elder on a bus from Alberta to Kelowna where He told her to get off the bus and come to the War Room. She showed up in the middle of a session of praying and fasting for direction. She gave many words concerning the War Room and Native peoples, and affirmed us -- inviting and commissioning us to step out in ministry to the Native peoples of North America.


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