Visual Arts in Worship

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Areas of Worship Expression

Visual Art

The visual arts were a wonderful and rich part of worship expression from the days of Moses to the Renaissance. Architecture, painting, worship implements and stained glass, among other visual expressions, have profoundly enriched man's experience of the worship of God for thousands of years.

From the beginning God has been a God of creativitiy, Genesis 1:1. In Moses' time God commanded the skillful creation of beautiful implements of worship, Exodus 25:28. The overwhelming utilitarian mindset of our modern age has devalued this powerful avenue for heart expression.

We want to reclaim this rich avenue of expression and release ourselves and each other to create beautiful, creative communications of our hearts, of scripture, or the prophetic in our worship. This kind of expression often results in a powerful communication of the truth, or of God's presence. Visual art has always been an important avenue of communication for mankind, and what better subject matter to communicate than the worship and truth of our God?

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