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God's Heart is the Answer

God has a heart for Mercy and Justice for the earth! From the plight of Children at Risk to the pain of the Persecuted Church around the world, God holds the answers in His hand. But He asks us to partner with Him to see His heart of Mercy and Justice manifested. Partnering with His heart we can:

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  • Hope for the Nations is an international relief organization for Children at Risk. They are working to be part of God's solution in key areas of the world.
  • Connect with others in your community who have a vision and heart for the House of Prayer and God's heart for Mercy and Justice.
  • Contact us at Through The Veil to invite an equipping team to come to your area!

Intro | Who We Are | Worship and the Arts | Get Involved | The Ring of Fire | Scott & Dionne Husted | Links |

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