Words Through The Veil

A Word For 2004-

The new year promises to be an open door, a doorway into our end-time destinies. In the Hebrew alphabet the second letter, or number two, is the Beit, or establishment of the house. It is not a coincidence that in the last few years so many around the world are being prompted to establish houses of prayer in their communities. The very date is a picture to us that this is the time in history for the establishment of the House of God in our midst.

The fourth letter of the Hebrew is the Dalet, or doorway. Corresponding to the number four, it stands for the doorway of entrance, of access; for security, refuge, acquisition, provision and revelation. The hebrew number four also carries to us a meaning from the fourth day of creation -- the separation of the light and the darkness. This will be a year of consecration and separation, a year to continue laying everything down before Him, even as the darkness gets darker around us. But in the midst of this He will be calling and releasing us to arise and shine, for Jesus, our light, has come even as great darkness covers the peoples of the world around us.

The number four is also the number of the tribe of Judah, the house of praise. 2004 is a year for unprecedented praise and worship before the throne of God as we arise and shine in the earth. An outpouring of worship will accompany our arising and shining as we establish the House of God.

2004 is a year, then, to come through the doorway into your destiny in God's love. It is a year to lay down all that may be holding you back, and come into His presence. Come into His presence for your security and your provision. Come in through the doorway into His presence for the acquisition of more life, more light and more revelation of His heart. It is a year to come into His presence and power with worship and praise!

Jesus is that door! Take hold of Him, laying everything else down as we come boldly to the throne of grace through the veil, that is His flesh, and into a new level of light, joy and destiny in 2004. This grace is ours as we come through the door and take our place in Christ, seated in heavenly places, in the very presence of God.

-J. Scott Husted

Through The Veil Ministries