Worship Expression

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Worship Expression

One of our main values is to express our love and commitment to Jesus by
and through the many expressions of worship. We encourage each other to return our various
talents to God for the expression of our hearts to Him. In offering our many giftings and talents
to God in worship we purpose to:

Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, and the Prophetic

Intercession is an important part of worship. When intercession and worship are intricately woven together
they create a powerful force that can push back darkness and provide a space of spiritual safety.
Intercession can break us through into higher and deeper places with God, while worship moves us into
those new areas through the power of the Holy Spirit.

In addition, all worship expressions are tools of spiritual warfare. It was with singers and trumpets that the
Israelites often won their battles. As the Bible tells us, "Let God arise, and His enemies will be scattered".

We also honor the prophetic in our worship. Words and acts of encouragement, the love of God, and
confirmation all have a place in our worship time as God directs. Personal words, and words of
correction or instruction should be submitted to a leader you can trust, 1 Corinthians 14. Extolling God,
intercession, spiritual warfare and the prophetic are all components of worship, and can be
communicated through the various avenues of worship expression. Whether through music, dance,
flags or vocalized prayer, the art of worship in all its forms are welcome here. 

We welcome you to explore the joys and mysteries of worship in these pages:

 Some Areas of Worship Expression


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